Jean-Pierre Roy at Stephan Stoyanov
On Sunday, April 4, 2010, Future Tense: Landscape in Transition will open at Stephan Stoyanov
Gallery with a reception starting at 1 PM. The exhibition will be on view through May 22, 2010.
Future Tense presents work by twenty one artists who are taking a critical look at issues
concerning the state of the environment—from land use, air quality, pollution and consumption of
fossil fuels to natural and/or manmade disasters. The exhibition investigates a range of post-
Utopian worldviews in art that utilizes the landscape, in part, as the theater of human action.
Concerned with environmental changes and dystopia encompassing experiments in the mid-
twentieth century and a more recent constellation of factors that have caused global change,
artists articulate their point of view in forms including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture
and installation. While some artists deal with questions of past socio-political events, others
forecast the future and at times indicate solutions for alternative, potentially sustainable
conditions for human life. Some present sobering information from current, true-life events, while
others spin fictional narratives or biting satire. All seem to indicate a moral imperative to look for
solutions that will better affect the future of people and places.
Several artists in Future Tense continue to utilize the traditional horizon line and long view,
however, their agendas veer strongly away from historic landscape, which also includes
European Romanticism and the Sublime, to focus on recent environmental shifts that assert
tension inherent to growth and spiritual decline intrinsic to rapid periods of global industrial
expansion. Each artist takes a position along the road from cautious hope to utter
disenchantment, generating work that expresses complex political and social dimensions of
landscape, architecture, science and technologies.
Artists are: Erik Benson, Sebastiaan Bremer, Peter Bynum, Blake Carrington, Nicole Cohen,
Claire Ellen Corey, Cliff Evans, Ellen Harvey, Peter Hildebrand, Ezra Johnson, Mary Mattingly,
William Meyer, Johan Nobell, Judy Pfaff, Jane Rosen, Jean-Pierre Roy, Kristen Schiele, Sarah G.
Sharp, Sarah Trigg, Markus Wetzel, Marion Wilson
The exhibition is curated by Dede Young, independent curator of contemporary art.
Stephan Stoyanov Gallery is located at 29 Orchard St (between Canal and Hester).
Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11am - 6pm. Sundays - noon until 6 pm.
Thursday, April 1, 2010